"I love the Challenger ATR 2! It’s so light and yet cushioned, allowing my feet to stay quick on technical trail or fire roads alike. I really have run everything with this shoe and I trust it."
– Jen Benna
JEN BENNA August 29,1979 reno,nv


Jennifer is a trail momma, competitive ultramarathon runner, and adventurous lover of life. Her heart belongs to her two young kids and the mountains. With an ultra-running career that spans over a decade, Jen has had podium finishes at almost every ultra she has run in the last 4 years. After a 2014 hiatus to birth her son she was back running the CIM marathon at 11 weeks postpartum and is stoked for her return to competition in 2015.


Why do you choose HOKA?

HOKA created a shoe that actually makes a difference in my training and racing. I can push harder, tolerate more miles in training and my body responds more kindly to what I am asking of it. The comfort and glide makes these shoes matter on race day and I no longer think about my feet hurting. HOKA ONE ONE as a company means passionate people creating the best shoe on the market.

What is your favorite HOKA ONE ONE shoe and why?

Training: I spend 50% of my miles in the Clifton- I use them on the treadmill as much as I use them on the trail. I also go to the Challenger for cruising the Sierras in my backyard. They give me a well-rounded and grippy shoe for all the terrain I run on.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by my daughter to show her what a strong woman with a determined mind and healthy ,fit body can do. I am inspired by big mountains and chasing fast times on them. I am inspired by men and women who take big risks and run and win races even if they are the full time working mom or working dad. They balance life and their love for the sport, which is really what I am trying to do.

Fun Facts

  • Is a foodie, cook and wine lover
  • Can DJ any party off my iphone! Yes I love music!!
  • Produces running documentaries, such as Unbreakable, with Journeyfilm
  • loves running at night in the dark with a headlamp

Career Highlights

  • 2015 American River 100 Mile 2nd Place
  • 2013 1st Place and Course Record of Zion 100
  • 2013 1st Place Bandera 50k
  • 2012 1st Place and Course Record of Ray Miller 50k
  • 2012 Oregon Trail Series Champion
  • Over 40 ultras run in 10 years of running

Personal Records

  • 100 Mile - 19:01 Zion 100
  • 100K - 9:54 North Face Beijing 100k
  • 50 Mile - 7:34 Antelope Island