• Customer Service

    Have a technical question about our products? Need to find out about an order? Please email our customer service team at contact@hoka.ca and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • Where Can I Buy Hoka's?

    You can search for retailers in your area by using our store locator, found here.

  • What is a Meta-Rocker?

    Our Meta-Rocker midsole geometry is specifically designed with a low heel-toe differential and a sculpted outsole to create a unique fulcrum effect, like a rocking chair, to encourage a guided gait cycle. This design supports a runner's natural form while promoting an efficient, smooth roll from initial impact to toe-off. 

    All of our shoes are designed with a Meta-Rocker, which is built into the mid- and outsoles, near the metatarsal bones in your feet. We break the Meta-Rocker into two categories: early-stage and late-stage. In styles with an early-stage Meta-Rocker, the transition zone is placed behind the metatarsal heads. This helps create a smoother ride and a faster transition to the forefoot. Styles with a late-stage Meta-Rocker have the transition zone placed in front of the metatarsal heads, which provides a more stable base of forefoot support.

  • What Methods of Payment Does Hoka Accept?

    We accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa via PayPal. All money transactions are in Canadian Dollars.

    When using your credit card, please provide your credit card billing address if different from the shipping address and daytime/nighttime phone numbers. If the billing address or the security code does not match that which is on file at the financial institution, if authorization is not given for any reason, or if the issuing bank cannot support verification efforts, we reserve the right to cancel the order without notification.

  • Do You Charge Sales Tax?

    Yes. Sales tax will be applied to online purchases made by customers in all Provinces in accordance to Provincial regulations. Sales tax is charged based on the shipping address of the order and will have the appropriate sales tax for that province added to it.

    If you're making a purchase for a tax-exempt organization or you're an individual who qualifies for a tax exemption, contact us at contact@hoka.ca. To ensure compliance with tax laws, we must receive completed forms and verify some information before a purchase can be placed without tax.

  • In What Currency are the Prices on the Website?

    Our prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.

  • Do You Price Match?

    No, we do not price match with other retailers or website offers.

  • Contact Information

    If you still have any questions, feel free to email us at contact@hoka.ca

  • How Can I Get a Coupon?

    Coupons (or promotion codes), when available, are either emailed to individuals signed up for our newsletter, or are posted directly to the website. We recommend registering an account and electing to join our mailing list for future sale alerts and promotions.

  • How Do I Use My Promo Code?

    If you have a promotion code, you can apply that towards your order in your cart or on the Customer Information page.

    From your cart, you will find a field to enter your promo code called “Discount”. Enter your promotion code exactly as it appears, including any capital letters or dashes and then press "Apply" to redeem towards your purchase.  You will see the discount applied to the Subtotal below.

  • I Got My Coupon From Another Website. Is It A Valid Code?

    There are third party websites that collect and display coupon codes for various online retailers. Many of these sites gather this information through user submission, which is not always accurate. These codes may be expired, incorrectly represented, or fake. Coupon codes displayed on these sites are not moderated by Hoka and we cannot guarantee that the code will work on our website. If a code from a third party website is tried and is not accepted, Hoka will not be able to honor that coupon code.

  • I Got my Coupon from the Hoka USA mailing list. Will it be honored in Canada?

    No, the USA coupon codes will not be valid in Canada. The Hoka Canada and Hoka USA businesses are run separately and as a result, the coupons may vary for each country.

  • How can I Unsubscribe From the Emailing List?

    If you've changed your mind about receiving our promotional emails, you can unsubscribe from the email itself by clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the message.

  • I Am Interested In Becoming a Hoka Retailer. How Do I Get Started?

    To get started as an authorized Hoka Product Dealer, please email us at contact@hoka.ca and we will have our local sales representative contact you.

  • Comparison Chart

    We have a comparison chart available for our various models. You can see a larger version here.


  • How Can I Wash My Hoka Footwear?

    Hand wash your footwear in cold water using a mild soap or detergent. Allow them to dry naturally away from direct heat or sunlight.

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